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Manchester City Info

Manchester is a city in northwest England. It covers an area of 56.3 square kilometres and has an estimated population of 530,300 as of 2015. Its recorded history began with a settlement related to the Roman fort of Mamucium which was founded in circa 79. The city then started to expand quickly during the 19th century as more people arrived from Ireland, Scotland, and other areas. By 1835, Manchester was considered as the greatest industrial city in the world. Today, it is a major hub for culture and commerce, viewed by many as the ‘capital’ of northern England and the UK’s ‘second city.’

Manchester Red Light District

Manchester has several areas that are very identifiably red light zones, the most popular being the following: 

  • Fairfield Street and the thoroughfares that extend towards Great Ancoats – Note, however, that Fairfield is nothing like London’s infamous Soho district, but you can still find sex workers and other adult businesses there.

  • Cheetham Hill Road – These are not the only areas in Manchester with prostitution but perhaps the ones where it is most evident.

  • Some people also consider Whalley Range as a red-light district.

History of the RLD

Roughly three centuries ago, Angel Meadow was a picturesque landscape with stunning vistas over fields and hills. The name evokes an image of some pastoral lull, but by the mid-19th century, it had become one of Manchester’s worst slums. A London-based journalist named Angus Reach visited Angel Meadow in 1849. He described the area as the filthiest, most unhealthy and most wicked locality in Manchester. It is teeming with cellars and inhabited by prostitutes, cadgers, tramps, thieves, and vagrants. Bounded by Cheetham Hill Road, Gould Street, Miller Street, and Rochdale Road, Angel Meadow covered 33 acres on the fringe of the city centre. Its population was composed predominantly of indigent Irish who had fled the Great Famine to find a livelihood in Manchester but found themselves in shabby conditions in cellars below lodging houses. Over time, sex workers fanned out and their legacy still lingers in Manchester’s red light districts.

How to Find the RLD

Fairfield Street is located just south of the Piccadilly Station, the primary railway station in Manchester. Cheetham Hill Road is located north of the city centre and stretching west towards Strangeways.

Stay Safe in the RLD

Manchester is generally a safe place, especially in the commercial areas and tourist hotspots. However, the same cannot be said for the red light districts, especially at night. Refrain from going out alone and dress conservatively. Keep your wits about you at ATM stations and don’t hire unmarked taxis.

In case you wander into a less welcoming area, you must be cautious of street gangs hanging around. If you encounter a group that looks suspicious, walk the other way or try to walk past them quickly and behave in a manner that they won’t perceive as confrontational or disrespectful. These include eye contact or inadvertently brushing past them with your shoulder.

Manchester Adult Entertainment

Whether you are on a stag night, celebrating a special occasion, or just fancying a night of adult entertainment, Manchester certainly has a lot to offer. A favourite among businessmen, stags, and locals, the city is beginning to make a name for itself in the escort service industry. In fact, it is starting to catch up with other major cities like London and Birmingham. The escorts that most of the reputable agencies provide are some of the most gorgeous and classy women in the city.

Manchester has also emerged as something of a centre for indoor prostitution and "reliable" massage services in the United Kingdom. Technically, the sex industry is illegal but local newspapers are full of advertisements. There are also the typical adult venues like strip clubs, swinger clubs, sex shops, lap dancing bars, adult cinemas, among others.

Street Prostitution

The number and range of street hookers are not as good as it used to be because of the recent police crackdowns. The remaining street prostitutes can be found in the following:

  • Picadilly Station
  • Cheetham Hill
  • Whalley Range

Low-class street hookers ask £20-£40 for sex and as low as £10 for a blowjob. 

Manchester Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

The more popular swinger clubs in Manchester include Adam & Eve’s at 206 Liverpool Road, Eccles, and Cupids at Sutherland Street, Swinton.

Manchester Nightlife

Locals and foreign visitors have lots of choices when it comes to non-adult entertainment nightlife in Manchester. It has one of the most vibrant scenes in the UK, boasting major club venues and live music hotspots. Clubbing takes on several guises, from commercial party night right through to underground dance music clubs.

Manchester has an impressive live music heritage, and the level of talent that flocks to the city on a regular basis solidifies its status as one of the most prominent spots in the realm of rock, alternative, and indie. For those who prefer a more serene night out, the city offers a wide selection of bars, ranging from cosy to downright eccentric. For a more cultural perspective of this amazing metropolis, head to one of the theatres and you’ll surely be amused and entertained.

Manchester LGBT

Manchester is famous for being one of "The Big 3" when it comes to sexual diversity along with London and Brighton. The atmosphere is very friendly and accommodating. It is certainly the gayest and most lesbian-friendly major city in England and it has the most openly visible LGBT community of any key city outside London.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Manchester is very liberal-minded and extremely gay-friendly. Majority of Mancunians have a lenient attitude towards the issue of sexuality and it is rare to encounter homophobia, making Manchester a very welcoming city for gays. The city’s gay community is centred on Gay Village around the Canal Street Area where public houses have had gay clients since at least 1940. New bars and clubs have opened and now attract 20,000 visitors every weekend. The area has also been hosting the annual Manchester Pride since 1991. It is one of the longest-running LGBT festivals in England.

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