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Split, Croatia (Change location)

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Split City Info

Split is Croatia’s second largest metropolis and the capital of Split-Dalmatia County. It lies on the eastern section of the Adriatic Sea and was originally constructed around the palace of Emperor Diocletian. Split covers an area of 79.38 square kilometers and serves as home to 178,192 people. 

The city has a rich but turbulent past. Although it was initially occupied by the Greeks, its recognized founder is Emperor Diocletian, who also happened to be the city’s first citizen. Today, Split serves as the transportation center for the Dalmatian Coast and has emerged as a top tourist destination in the region.

Split Adult Entertainment

Split has no official Red Light District, though it has a rather subdued adult entertainment area called ‘Dardin’. The locals also fondly call it Strossmayer's garden, which is actually popular among tourists. Don’t expect to see prostitutes behind glass windows or encounter pimps roaming the area. The sex industry in this part of Croatia simply doesn’t work that way. The girls are known as the ‘ladies of the night’ as they go about their business going around Dardin under the cover of darkness.

Street Prostitution 

Street prostitution is virtually non-existent in Split but there are website links available for Split prostitutes. Another way to get in touch with call girls is to ask taxi drivers to take you directly to them or the places where they normally hang out. Moreover, almost all of the escorts in the city prefer advertising their services online.

Split Nightlife

For most tourists, nightlife in Split means heading to Riva, the city’s main promenade which is situated right beside the ocean. The area is dotted with bars, cafes, and restaurants. No wonder it has become a popular meeting spot for tourists and locals alike. 

  • ST-Riva - a cozy bar located on the water side of Emperor Diocletian’s palace. There are dining areas set up on the Riva, but in order to experience the real charm of the venue, head to the first-floor balcony and get a seat that provides a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape. 
  • Gaga – a small yet very popular bar during summer. Try to visit early in the evening – no later than 11:00 pm – if you wish to have a place where you can relax and enjoy some of the cocktails offered from the outdoor bar. 
  • Vanilla Cluba popular bar located behind the Poljud Stadium. It is frequently jam packed during the summer season, but there is a huge terrace where you can find a spot to enjoy some cocktail while listening to live music from local artists. It can accommodate about 2,000 people, with the majority of the crowd being in their 20s. 
  • Hemingway Bar – Split’s most exclusive bar and a branch of the Hemingway chain of clubs, which are also found in the Zagreb, Rijeka, and Opatija. The outside area was renovated a few years ago and now features the longest bar in Split. During summer, international bands and DJs perform several times a week.

Split LGBT

Although there is the lack of full acceptance of gays and lesbians from the general public, there are still gay-friendly places in the city.

General Attitude Towards Gays

As aforementioned, homosexuality is legal but the concept is still taboo, so gays and lesbians are not yet fully accepted by the public. It is, therefore, a daunting task to advocate for gay and lesbian rights as civil and/or human rights, especially in a society which has just witnessed a shift from a totalitarian to a democratic regime.

The legacy of nationalism and fundamentalism in militarism, religious beliefs, and machoism plays an integral role in the Croatian society. Such legacy has a profound contribution to the persistence of hetero-normativity in the local populace, which presumes heterosexual behavior as the lone acceptable sexual behavior. 

Despite this, the following places are the to-go-to spots for homosexuals in Split.

  • Dance Club Metropolis – located in the Koteks shopping center, which is just a ten- minute walk east from the old town. The venue is not strictly a gay club, but you are likely to meet some gay people here. It is claimed to be the unofficial gathering spot for the gay and lesbian community in Split.

    Address: Matice Hrvatske 1
    Opening Hours: Jun-Sep: Mon-Sun 10pm – 4am; Oct-May: Sat-Sun 10pm – 4am
  • Beaches Duilovo Beach – the most popular beach area for gays. They typically meet on the hills overlooking the rocky strip between the village of Stobrec and Hotel Zagreb. Gay guys converge in the cruising area which stretches from the Oceanographic Institute to Kasjuna. 
  • Ghetto Club & Art Academy – located along Dosud Street, this is known as a gay-friendly venue that features a huge courtyard garden where DJs draw an artsy and hipster-type crowd through funk and disco music. The interior has a ghetto-like ambiance, more on the bohemian side, with bird murals and antique living room furniture. Artists and hipsters prefer to hang out here because it is a regular art exhibition venue and it is affiliated with the Art Academy.
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