Hey guys ! I am Your fantasy-dream with a face of an angel and a body made for sin. I love to pamper you and make you feel like no one has made you before. I have most perfect breasts in the universe, and the tiniest little waist you've ever put your hands around my sexy hips, beautifully shaped dancer's legs, soft and sensitive feet, tight pussy will drive you crazy My measurements are absolutely smokin' hot and I know that Your erection gets strong when You feel my curves... when your hands slip down my back and over my bottom. My mouth is warm and my tongue love to play around your intimate parts. I will nibble on you, with my hands and lips. When I slowly sink myself onto Your hard pride, You feel every bit of my pussy getting tight and warm around You, I love to ride slowly and squeeze You with my strong and tight pussy, and when I see Your climax coming, maybe I slow down so i can enjoy the pulsating eruptions when You empty all jucie You got in Your balls deep inside of me. Or if You like to be on top, my legs will wrap around you to keep you there. I love to feel you throbbing in me, I feel your hardness when You grab my bottom and drive yourself deep inside of me. Together we will climax. Doggystyle is another of my favorites and I want You to grab my beautiful butt and drive Your pole deep. Afterwards, when you relax, I will run my fingers through your hair and give you a kiss on your cheek and say thank you. I love to spoil my men. If I can, in the most exotic and erotic fashions. So before our embarking on a journey of erotic exploration, I would love you to share some hints on what you like and looking to fulfill. Share and put trust in me and I will share with you. Let me give your universe a new dimension.<br> I am totaly independent !!! Call me 0739588628
Member since 12-24-2014
Last updated 07-01-2015
Number of escorts unknown
Incall / Outcall Incall
Parking Valet parking
Club type Private house
  •   Bar
  •   Restaurant
  •   Dance area
  •   Private Rooms
  •   Smoking allowed
  •   ATM
  •   Casino
  •   Striptease (private)
  •   Massage
  •   Tantra
  •   BDSM / Fetish
  •   Full adult services
  •   Lapdance
  •   Striptease
  •   hardcore non-erotic
  •   Live music
  •   Disco
  •   Not specified
Day From To
Friday 9h:00m 17h:00m
Monday 9h:00m 17h:00m
Saturday 9h:00m 17h:00m
Sunday 9h:00m 17h:00m
Thursday 9h:00m 17h:00m
Tuesday 9h:00m 17h:00m
Wednesday 9h:00m 17h:00m
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