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Hong Kong City Info

Hong Kong is found on the Southeast coastline of China facing the South China Sea. Sharing its northern border with Guangdong Province of Mainland China, it has a land area of 1104 square kilometers and has among the highest population density in the world. It became a British colony after the First Opium War with a 99-year lease of the territory. But in the year 1997, the sovereignty of Hong Kong was transferred, and the territory became a Special Administrative Region of China with a high degree of sovereignty under the principle of one country with two systems. 

Today, Hong Kong is the world's most visited city and is among the world's most significant financial centers. It’s a unique meeting place for the west and east, blending British colonial influences, Chinese heritage, and high-tech modernity. Temples and skyscrapers, traditional markets and shopping malls sit side by side in this unique fusion city.

Hong Kong Red Light District

Hong Kong has a couple of Red Light Districts. The major RLD is Wan Chai on Hong Kong island. The other main area is around Tsim Sa Tsui stretching to Mong Kok on the Kowloon side of the harbor. Wan Chai is located on the western portion of the district. Tsim Sa Tsui can be found in southern Kowloon, while Mong Kok is in the Yau Tsim Mong District on the Kowloon Peninsula.

The major street in Wan Chai is Lockhart Road, which spans the entire length of Wan Chai from east to west. From Arsenal Street in the west to East Point Road in the east, this road was once considered primarily an RLD, but now the area is much more mixed with bars, pubs, restaurants, and clubs. Wan Chai is known for its raucous nightlife although there are many bars that have scantily clad girls standing in the doorway that offer special services.

The popular road in the Mong Kok RLD is Portland Street in Kowloon. This street arguably hosts Hong Kong’s most famous RLD, serving mostly local clientele. Below a chaotic and stupefying array of neon signs, there are prostitutes from all over the world, providing services in hundreds of massage parlors, brothels, nightclubs, and karaoke bars.

When planning to visit Hong Kong and wishing to indulge in the services provided in the RLDs, it is best to find a hotel in one of these districts. Choosing a hotel in these areas makes it much more convenient to walk to where girls providing sexual services are found. 

History of the RLD

Prostitution in Hong Kong was first documented in 1866 and was under legal licenses from the period of 1879 to 1932. The districts where prostitution was evident were in Sai Ying pun, Wan Chai, Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei. The industry was so massive the number of licensed prostitutes went over 7,000 in the year 1930. Licensed prostitution ended in 1935. 

How to Reach the RLD

  • By Taxi
    A taxi is the easiest way to get the any of the RLDs. Just hop in and let the driver know where you want to go. 
  • By Train
    Most of Hong Kong's MTR lines intersect at Kowloon. Coming from Hong Kong Island, connect at Admiralty for the MTR to Tsim Sa Tsui.  
  • By Ferry
    Riding the Star Ferry from Wan Chai or Central piers is a simple way and cheap way to cross the harbor. This ferry will obviously get you to and from Central and Wan Chai.

Safety Information 

For tourists, expats, and travelers, Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world. Low crime rates, especially for violent crimes, along with omnipresent police officers ensures the safety of the city. However, no city is 100% safe and you still need to be aware of criminal activity. To assure your safety, all you need to do is use a little common sense to avoid becoming the victim of a minor crime. One safety procedure to be aware of is what to do during a Typhoon warning. Make sure you get information on safety precautions and warnings in Hong Kong, and what to do in case of the unlikely event of a Typhoon.

Hong Kong Adult Entertainment

With prostitution being legal in Hong Kong, the adult entertainment is incredibly diverse, offering endless entertainment options. 

Massage Parlors 

Massage parlors are the most common public places to find sex workers. The most famous one is the Kaishun massage, which consists of a hip, ball, groin, and prostate massage. The girls in these parlors are usually very pretty and the massage may or may not involve sexual intercourse. For more information on a wide range of massage parlors, agencies and massage girls, as well as location and prices, visit: http://hongkong.happymassage.com/.

Hong Kong Clubs and Brothels

In Hong Kong, it is illegal for more than one prostitute to work on the same premise. Due to this, many prostitutes have a so-called “one-woman brothel” which is the most common type of legal prostitution in the city.  In these “brothels”, one woman services clients in her apartment. They advertise services through the internet and local classifieds. A majority of local newspapers will carry these classifieds with a brothel guide. Major areas for these “one-woman brothels” are towns in the New Territories such as Sheung Shui and Yuen Long.

Strip Clubs 

Hong Kong has a variety of well-maintained gentlemen’s clubs with beautiful girls mostly from China and Russia. Here is a list of some of the most notable strip clubs in Hong Kong: 

  • Adam's Apple
    Address: 81 Nathan Road (beside Hyatt Hotel), Kowloon
    Telephone: +852 2367 6546 
  • Bottoms Up
    Address: 14-16 Hankow Road (Basement), Kowloon
    Telephone: +852 2721 4509 
  • Madame Pim Night Club
    Address: 4/F Peninsula Centre, 67 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
    Telephone: +852 2723 1898 
  • Club Deluxe
    Address: L 301 New World Centre Office Building, Hong Kong
    Telephone: +852 2721 0277 
  • Club Boss
    Address: LG/F, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road
    Telephone: +852 2369 2883 
  • Club Cabaret
    Address: 1st Basement, New World Centre, 18 Salisbury Road
    Telephone: +852 2369 8431 
  • Club de Hong Kong
    Address: 3/F Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road
    Telephone: +852 2721 7788 
  • Mandarin Palace
    Address: 24-28 Marsh Road, Wan Chai
    Telephone: +852 2575 6551 
  • New Tonnochy
    Address: 1-5 Tonnochy Road, Wan Chai
    Telephone: +852 2511 1383 
  • Super Star
    Address: 114/120 Lockhart Road, Hong Kong
    Telephone: +852 3 5570 4420

Swinger Clubs 

Swing & Bang Club in Hong Kong holds massive sex parties, and from its humble beginnings, it has grown to over 3,000 members.   

Hong Kong Nightlife

There are three main districts that are well known for having a vibrant nightlife: Tsim Tsa Tsui, Central, and Wan Chai. Tsim Tsa Tsui is located in Kowloon, and there is a stark segregation between bars exclusively for locals and those that draw tourists. Central is a popular spot with expats and many locals can be found hanging out here after work. Wan Chai includes Causeway Bay has many pubs and clubs that are open until the early morning. If you want to jump into the rush and experience the best of Hong Kong’s nightlife, these districts are the places to go!

Hong Kong LGBT

Although Hong Kong doesn't have a great reputation for being a gay-friendly city, just like in any highly populated city, there’s a great gay scene. For tourists, residents are relatively tolerant toward gays and most visitors have no problems checking into a hotel or partying. With a couple of popular locations in the city, Hong Kong has no shortage of gay bars and clubs. Gay saunas are extremely popular as well and provide many luxurious services, some of which are erotic.

General Attitude Towards Gays 

Discrimination towards gays is widespread in Hong Kong, despite governmental efforts to combat discrimination. Although there have been a few laws protecting the LGBT community against discrimination, little has been done to combat the widespread homophobia in Hong Kong. Even with a growing LGBT community and the prevalence gay clubs and bars increasing, Hong Kong is still far behind on gay rights. While being gay in Hong Kong is not a crime, it is not spoken about nor accepted.

A recent poll conducted by the University of Hong Kong showed that 43% of respondents were opposed to same-sex marriage, with only 33.3% of respondents supporting it. A separate poll conducted by the Liberal Party showed an even smaller percentage of respondents supporting same-sex marriage, at only 29%, while 59% of respondents were against it. These polls show that Hong Kong has a long way to go to change the mentally and equality for those in the gay community.  

Location of Hong Kong’s Gay Scene

Hong Kong has a thriving gay nightlife.  The gay scene is mostly located in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, as well as Causeway Bay and Central on Hong Kong Island.

Dance Clubs for Gays 

The following are some of the most popular nightclubs within the gay community of Hong Kong:

  • ZOO Bar
    ZOO Bar is quite a small bar but one of the most visited hangout places with large crowds on the streets on Fridays and Saturdays. With lots of cocktails to choose from and upbeat music for people to groove on, this bar gathers a party crowd intent on a great night out.

    Address: G/F 33 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    Telephone: +852 3583 1200 
  • Club 97
    Located in Lan Kwai Fong, this club has been a to-go-to spot for the last 30 years with Friday nights as the best night to visit for it is they bring in talented local and international DJ’s that will get people dancing to upbeat tunes.

    Address: 9 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong 
  • Boo Bar
    The bar has a quality karaoke system which draws in so many amateur singers or those who just want to sing just for fun. The last Saturday of each month is a dance party night, where the usual karaoke is exchanged for a local or International DJ.

    Address: 5/F Pearl Oriental Tower, 225 Nathan Road, Jordan, Hong Kong
    Telephone: +852 2736 6168 
  • Oosh

    Address: 45 Pottinger Street, Hong Kong
    Telephone: +852 6775 4881 

Gay Saunas 

Here is a narrowed down list of the best saunas and spas in the city: 

  • CHAPS Sauna
    This sauna is the largest one in comparison to other operating saunas in Hong Kong. This establishment has occasional themed nights attracting the young Asians.

    Address: G/F, 15 Ming Yuen Western Street, North Point
    Telephone: +852 2570 9339 
  • Central Escalator Sauna
    This sauna is known to be one of the oldest ones in Hong Kong, making its facilities old-fashioned. Still, it is still visited by locals and tourists.

    Facilities: Steam room, dry sauna, jacuzzi and a limited number of private cabins
    Address: 2/F Cheung Hing Commercial Building, 37 Cochrane Street
    Telephone: +852 2581 9951 
  • Gateway Sauna
    Gateway Sauna is the first gay sauna in Hong Kong. With great amenities and services, the sauna is bent on relaxation.

    Facilities: Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, relaxation rooms, lounge with wifi, and complimentary soft drinks and snacks
    Address: 1/F Kwong Ah Building, 114 Thomson Road, Wan Chai
    Telephone: +852 2591 0500 
  • Action Sauna
    This sauna has the largest nude zone in the city and is open 24 hours during the weekend. This sauna is attended mostly by a local crowd. 

    Facilities:  Dry sauna, steam room, lit-up showers, towel-free dark rooms, lounges with movies, free internet access, free soft drinks, and snacks.
    Address: 1/F Overseas Building, 417-421 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
    Telephone: +852 2893 7027 
  • My Way Sauna
    My Way Sauna has a popular towel-free Sunday afternoon and tends to attract a younger Asian crowd.

    Facilities: Steam room, dry sauna, and lounge.
    Address: 4/F Kuo Wah Building, 340 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
    Telephone: +852 2574 9098 
  • QQ Fitness
    This Japanese-style sauna has been around for over 10 years and attracts a mostly Asian crowd. It’s open 24 hours but is busiest in the evenings.   

    Facilities: Dry sauna, steam room, dark room and relaxation cabins.
    Address: 3/F King Dao Building, 14 Burrows Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
    Telephone: +852 2527 7073 
  • Jungle Sauna
    Jungle Sauna is under the same management as My Way Sauna.  This 24-hour sauna is popular with a younger Asian crowd.

    Facilities: Vertical solarium, infrared sauna, lounge, wifi, dark room and private relaxation cabins.
    Address: 10/F Ko's House, 577 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
    Telephone: +852 2138 8678 
  • Alexander 24
    This sauna is frequented by both foreigners and locals. It’s open 24 hours a day but is busiest in the evenings and weekends.

    Facilities: Steam room, dry sauna, hot pool, solarium, internet café with free water, cake, and noodles.
    Address: 1/F Wing Cheung Building, 404 Reclamation Street, Mongkok
    Telephone: +852 2148 0400 
  • BIG TOP Sauna
    Friday night is “Big Cock” night which is popular with the locals. This compact sauna is open overnight on Saturdays.

    Facilities: Locker area and lounge, gym, steam room, shower area, dark room and private cabins.
    Address: 3/F Yuet Yuen Building, 17-19 Mong Kok Road, Mong Kok
    Telephone: +852 2628 6196 
  • HuTong
    This 24-hour sauna has “suite rooms” which can be rented by the hour and feature a double bed, LCD TV, a welcome fruit plate, private shower, and toilet. Color-coded key rings are provided to let your sexual preferences be known, and the sauna hosts a variety of special themed events and parties.

    Facilities: Open showers, cedar sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, maze, private cabins and smoking room.
    Address: 2/F Kar Wong Building, 639-645 Shanghai Street, Mongkok
    Telephone: +852 2396 9595 

Gay Prostitutes

The best place to find gay prostitutes is at massage parlors. Many locations are gay or have some gay workers. Gay massage classified is another great way to find a good looking young freelancer.

Transsexual Prostitutes

There are a couple of locations that are known to have transsexual prostitutes. The first being on Lockhart Road just south of the Star Ferry Pier. At night, you’ll find many ladyboy streetwalkers. Another location is Wan Chai, where it is common for she-males to solicit tourists walking by at night.

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