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Québec City City Info

Quebec City is the oldest city in Canada and the capital of Quebec Province. It is also one the largest cities, situated along the Saint Lawrence River of Canada, close to where it meets St. Charles River in the country, with a land area of 484.1 km² and a population of more than 500,000 people.  

 The city is one of the country’s most visited places because of its festivals like the Winter Carnival and Celtic Festival. It also boasts plenty of tourist attractions such as the Plains of Abraham, Montmorency Falls, and Citadelle of Quebec.

Québec City Red Light District

There is no specific red light district in Quebec City. However, reports suggest that adult venues like strip clubs can be found all over the city. Tourists can also find massage parlours in every corner, so there is no shortage of where to satisfy sexual pleasures.

Stay safe in the City

Quebec City is exceptionally safe and is actually much safer than many European and US cities. This is why tourists should not worry about wandering throughout the city. Taking the usual precautions, however, is necessary to stay safe, particularly at night. Visitors are advised to avoid parks and take a secured cab when going home after a late night out.  

Québec City Adult Entertainment

Tourists can find erotic massage parlours, strip clubs, adult or sex shops, and other establishments in Quebec. Escorts are abundant, ideal for those who want a companion during their stay. Street prostitution also exists in the city, particularly in the downtown areas at night. This is despite the law stating that procuring the services of a sex worker is illegal.

Street Prostitution

While street prostitution exists in the city, it is only present in downtown areas, especially late at night. The cost for services can range from $20 to $100, depending on the type of service availed. Because buying sex services is illegal, it is common for most people to visit clubs and other adult venues instead of buying services in the streets.

Québec City Nightlife

Quebec City has a lively nightlife scene. There are clubs, pubs, sophisticated hotel lounge bars, as well as “boites a chansons” (boxes with songs), intimate venues with musicians of a small group or a solo artist performing Celtic-tinged Quebecois folk music. 

Here are some of the most notable venues in the city: 

  • Boudoir Lounge – has two levels to accommodate different preferences. The second storey features DJs spinning lively tunes, between Thursday and Saturday nights. It hosts live music events on Sundays; located at 441 Rue Du Parvis. 
  • Theatre Petit Champlain – one of the most well-known boites a chansons that host a mix of music performances. It features Quebecois jazz and blues, as well as folk music; located in 68 Rue du Petit Champlain. 
  • Maurice Nightclub – an ideal venue for those who love to party and drink exquisite beverages. The club combines the sophisticated ambience of a bar and the energetic atmosphere of a nightclub; located in 575 Grande Allée E. 
  • Le Drague – this multi-storey venue offers a range of entertainment options such as dancing, video poker, and drag shows. It is at the centre of the city’s gay scene. It welcomes all types of guest, but it has an area dedicated just to men; located at 815 Rue Saint-Augustin. 
  • Dagobert – a three-storey venue that offers live entertainment on the first level, and dance floors and videos on the succeeding floors. It is frequented by young professionals and local students; located in 600 Grande Allée E.

Québec City LGBT

Quebec City has a friendly gay scene, with a couple of gay venues and other hangout places. The gay community in the city is smaller but a well-established one. The city hosts a gay pride fest, Fête Arc-en-Ciel, which lasts for three days. This French-language event usually happens on Labour Day and attracts a lot of LGBT community members.

It has no shortage of hang-out places that welcomes gay and straight individuals. It may not have a particular gay neighbourhood, but diversity is mostly present at Saint-Jean’s district, particularly along Rue-Saint Jean. The area has a number of restaurants and eateries that mostly attract gays.

General Attitude Towards Gays

The city is a great destination for international LGBT travellers, with locals that have an open and tolerating attitude towards homosexuality. In fact, one can easily spot some rainbow flags in many restaurants in all neighbourhood of the city. While the city welcomes all LGBT travellers, it is a little more conservative compared to Montreal.

Gay and Transsexual Prostitution in Quebec

There is no specific information on where to find gay and transsexual prostitutes in the city. People looking for this type of service can look for advertisements online or visit gay saunas and bathhouses, which Quebec City boasts a good selection of.

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