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Minsk City Info

Minsk, a historic yet modern metropolis area, is the capital city of the Republic of Belarus. It is also the largest city in the country with an area of 409.5 square kilometers or 158.1 square miles. This economically developed city is located on the main transport routes that connect Western Europe and the East, the Baltic States and regions of the Black Sea. It has a population of more than 1.9 million people, with the city being the economic, scientific, political, and cultural center of Belarus.

This capital city is a pleasant place with excellent museums, architectural monuments, restaurants, cafés, and nightclubs. Minsk is older than other European cities like Stockholm and Moscow. The big parts of the city were destroyed in World War II, but were rebuilt during the Soviet time. The city offers interesting places to visit, especially for those who are interested in the Soviet period. Minsk will surely appeal to visitors of any kind.

How to Reach Minsk 

With extensive and convenient public transport system, it is easy and affordable to travel within the city. Subway is often the most convenient way to go around, particularly if there is a station close to the destination. The city has a large railway network, connecting Brest, Moscow, Gomel, and Vilnius. 

Tourists can also choose to ride taxi cars in Minsk, which are Volga cars with black and white squares. Buses and trams are also good transport options; the tickets are available at special ticket stands. The highways also connect Minsk with other large cities in Belarus.

Safety Information

Two of the best things about the city of Minsk is that it is safe and clean. Visitors can feel comfortable going around the city, without feeling threatened by any suspicious people. The streets in the city center are also spotless and there are well-cared green spaces. The citizens are also disciplined and law abiding that they don’t even like the idea of jaywalking on an empty street. This is why it is important for tourists to act and behave like locals.

The city is also safer and cleaner than other cities such as Moscow and Kiev. There is also a strong police presence in the downtown area, so tourists can get some assistance when needed. Most of them, however, have a limited ability to speak English.

Minsk Red Light District

Minsk has no specific red light district, but prostitution in the city is still present. Compared to other cities like Frankfurt and Amsterdam, the sex scene here is not that big. Adult services are sold at different venues and sex workers operate modestly. This is because prostitution is illegal in the country, with punishments like imprisonment, fines, and administrative arrests. 

Adult services are available in some hotels and clubs. Street prostitution is not always common, and many sex workers offer services discreetly. Minsk continues to be an economic center with prostitution operating very inconspicuously.

Minsk Adult Entertainment

Minsk comes alive at night with its offerings of fun and adult entertainment for both the locals and the tourists. Strip clubs, with their offerings of erotic dance and striptease, are very popular. There is also the Belaya Vezha, a casino center that features a nightclub with lap dances, striptease, and erotic shows. 

Sex tourism is also now becoming associated with the country. Women in the capital city offer fun and adult entertainment in nightclubs, casinos, and brothels. Many Belarusians girls are welcoming to clients of any age or nationality. In fact, sex tours in the country are becoming more popular among foreigners.


It is possible to find escorts in Minsk. Clubs and bars with prostitutes are known as kontaktbars. Perfect for travelers who are looking for a fun and intimate encounter, these venues are possible places where you can avail of sex services from escorts. 

  • The Crown Plaza Hotel – located on Kirova Street 13, this has some pro and semi-pro girls offering escort services. 
  • Hotel Europe – located on Internatsionalnaya Street 28, this features sex workers from countries like Ukraine and Moldova. 
  • Hotel Planeta – located on Pobediteley Avenue 31, this is a girl-friendly hotel in which visitors can find girls up for business. 
  • Victoria – located on Pobediteley Avenue 59, this has a topless bar and nightclub, with pro-ladies around. 

The girls in Belarus are like supermodels—tall, slim, and beautiful. Most are very friendly and will make an effort to make visitors feel welcome. This makes Minsk a perfect place to meet girls with beauty and brains.

Street Prostitution 

Regular police control has led to a rather limited sex prostitution in the city. Visitors may find some street sex workers along Prospect Skariny from the circus up to the Skoriny Street. There also some women offering adult services near the bus stop, alongside Masherow Avenue. Clients can spot them in front of the Moscow Cinema House and Hotel Yubileinaya. There are also street hookers along the road from Minsk airport to the city.

Minsk Clubs and Brothels

Locations of brothels in Minsk often keep changing because they are illegal in the city. Tourists, however, can find some adult venues if they asked from cab drivers.

Strip Clubs 

The capital city also offers strip clubs, ideal for those who want to have a fun and wild night. 

  • Versus – considered as the oldest and most popular strip club in the city, this club offers show program of girls every midnight, and visitors can enjoy, watch, and have a private dance.

    Address: Hotel Minsk in Nezavisimosti Ave 11
    Telephone: +375 17 200-25-20
    Open: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. (every night) 
  • Laguna Strip Club – a popular space that offers a good value for money. It is not easy to find the club’s location, so it is best to ask others how to get there. The club has a welcoming atmosphere, pretty girls, and friendly staff. The prices of drinks and private dances, however, are not that cheap.

    Address: Pushkina Ave 38, somewhere in the Orbita Hotel
    Telephone: +375 17 257 37 89
    Open: 9:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. (every night) 
  • O. Strip Club – with the main hall divided into four smaller zones and a private area, the place can accommodate 40 people, and visitors can watch a program while sitting on the sofas or order a lap dance in the private rooms.

    Address: Storozhevskaya Str 15a (West World Club) by the Belarus Hotel
    Open: from 10:00 p.m. until the last client leaves (every night) 
  • Texas Strip Club Bar – popular among the guests of the Yubileynaya Hotel, the club offers show programs every night. The club, however, has a small space and can only accommodate 35 people. There are also no private spaces in the club, but there are sofas inside.

    Address:  Yubileynaya Hotel in Pobediteley Ave 19
    Open: 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. (every night) 
  • Venezia – a flashy yet stylish strip club, this place offers hot entertainment such as lap dances and private shows. It is open every night and is located near the city center.

    Address: 5th floor, Myasnikova str 25, Minsk
    Open: 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m (every night)

Minsk Nightlife

The country has a growing nightlife, with Minsk having a very vibrant scene. Local and tourists usually fill up the discos and bars that play Russian and Belarusian pop tunes. It is also possible to find clubs that offer casinos and billiards, as well as those that feature cabaret shows. 

  • Club Millennium – a popular place offering shows of best foreign and eccentric performances. 
  • Doodah King Bar – located in the heart of the city, near the Red Church, this is an ideal venue for those who like rock and roll. 
  • TNT Rock Club – a place that oozes a cool rock vibe and is ideal for those who do not feel like visiting the nightclubs or just want to take a break from such places. Rock music fans can find delight in this venue. 
  • Blackhall Bar – a luxury bar that brings new trends to Minsk and meets the international standards. The concept and creation of the bar is by professional designers and architects. It is located near the Victory Square. 

Other clubs and pubs worth visiting in the city include Cherdak Bar, Gosti Bar, Bar 13, and Gambrinus Pub. With all these options, tourists will have a fun and enjoyable time in any of the nightlife venues in Minsk.

Minsk LGBT

The gay scene in the city operates around its cruising parks and forests, like the Czar Alexander Park. The country’s capital is a semi-safe haven for those who belong in the third sex. This is mostly possible through a network of private connections and rotating gay night at bars and clubs. Gay tourists can enjoy the city by doing their research in seeking inside information and being cautious with obvious displays of affection. 

Some groups have also attempted to organize gay pride events in the city but were often unsuccessful due to protesters outnumbering the gay participants and permits being denied by the government in the first place. Gay groups and publications have a hard time gaining basic rights from the government and recognition from the media. Persistent activists in Minsk, however, help some gay websites and newsletters stay afloat. 

General Attitude Towards Gays

The younger generations in the country are now offering a more tolerant and open view on homosexuality. Many Belarusians, however, retain a traditional attitude towards it. In fact, gay and lesbian travelers cannot really expect a similar relaxed attitude like what most people can expect in Western Europe. This is why same-sex couples need to avoid public displays of affection and are advised to reserve twin rooms instead of doubles. 

While same-sex sexual activity was legalized in 1994, homosexuality remains highly taboo in Belarus. In fact, many Belarusians believe that it is a psychiatric illness. This is why members of LGBT community in the country tend to hide their sexual orientation. They do this to avoid abuse, violence, and harassment. 

Sex Clubs for Gays

There is not much information about sex clubs for gays in Minsk. Gay saunas and bathhouses, however, do exist. Other than saunas, there are also cruising parks in Minsk where gays could meet and hang out with others. The nudist beach in the city is also another venue of gay congregation. 

Dance Clubs for Gays

Minsk offers a few gay dance clubs where tourists can enjoy and meet others. 

  • Mayak Club – a club that started as a gay place but is also now attracting a larger audience. It is also a good idea to get an advice from a local gay before hitting the place.

    Address: 43 Platonova ulitsa (Metro Yakuba Kolasa or Akademiya Naouk)
    Open: 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (Fridays and Saturdays) 
  • Babylon Dance Club – a venue that plays techno and disco music on the dance floor, with drag queen shows every Friday and Saturday.

    Address: 4 Tolbukhina St. (Metro Park Tcheluskintsev, shopping center Torgovy Mir, 3rd floor)
    Open: 10:000 p.m. to 6:00 a.m (Tuesday to Sunday); women only 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Friday) 

It is always advisable to connect with a local gay resident who knows the constantly shifting gay scene. Many English-speaking students in the country also serve as gay guides, taking visitors to gay hotspots and introducing them to others. 

Gay Prostitution

As homosexuality is not widely accepted in the country, it is difficult to find gay prostitutes in Minsk. Gay nightlife exists but is relatively discreet. Those who are seeking to meet gays, on the other hand, can visit sites like www.gayby.net and Britva.gay.ru. There are some bi-sexual guys on personal websites offering adult services. There are also many legitimate gay people in the city who want to date, make friends, or be guides.

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