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Sydney City Info

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and also the oldest, largest and most populous Australian city. As of 2015, its area of 4,775.2 sq. mi is home to 4.9 million people. It was founded in 1788 when the first fleet from England arrived in Australia. It was named after Thomas Townshend - Lord Sydney, who recommended the British government to establish a colony in Australia. Today, its physical allure and laid-back outdoor lifestyle make it a top tourist destination. It also enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world.

Sydney Red Light District

  • Kings Cross – an inner-city locality and colloquially referred to as ‘The Cross.’ It is known as the red-light district of Sydney and is alleged to be home to organized crime groups. The area features numerous ‘girlie’ bars and strip clubs. It is renowned for Bucks nights, pimps, prostitutes, perverts, trannies, drug dealers, and thieves. Kings Cross is situated roughly 2 kilometres east of the Central Business District. It is bounded by the suburbs of Darlinghurst, Elizabeth Bay, Potts Point and Rushcutters Bay. The numerous entertainment venues spill over into the windy alleys that stretch along Bayswater Road, Kellett Street, Roslyn Street and Victoria Street.

Aside from The Cross, many popular adult clubs can also be found in the Surrey Hills area. For tourists looking for late-night action, an excellent choice would be Oxford Street where there is a wide variety of pubs and dance clubs.

History of the RLD

As Sydney evolved, so too have its red-light areas, with the growth spurred by the economy, demographics and sometimes by planning laws. When the first English fleet arrived at Circular Quay, sex services were already rampant in Sydney. Governor Arthur Philip struggled to keep everything in check, but the colony flourished nonetheless and even developed a burgeoning sex trade.

By World War II, Kings Cross had come into prominence as it was dedicated to entertaining American soldiers. By the ‘60s and ‘70s, it was already the epicentre of the sex trade. Darlinghurst Road and William Street were teeming with sex workers who jumped into cars for a quick trip to a nearby hotel. Prostitution was eventually decriminalized in 1979, bringing brothels out into the open.

Perhaps the most popular brothel of the time was A Touch of Class in Surry Hills. It is equally controversial because its owner remained unknown to date. Even Zara Powell, its most famous madam, took to her grave the secret of who owned the establishment. Following a period of decline, the brothel was reborn as Misty's and the rest was history. The brothels and love hotels that we see today are the legacy of the golden era that was centred in King’s Cross.

How to Find the RLD

You can get to the red-light district from top locations by using the bus or train. For those coming from Sydney Airport, go to the domestic or international train station then head to Platform 1. Get on the train to Central Station and change to Platform 24 for your ride to Kings Cross.

Stay Safe in the RLD

Visitors must be careful, particularly at night, because people do get mugged. Tourists should also be on the lookout for spruikers outside the nightclubs because they have become aggressive, and hence, a problem in recent times. Remember to keep a low profile by dressing casually and refraining from using expensive gadgets in public.

If you decide to go bar hopping, know the cost of whatever you’re getting involved in. There are always people who would take advantage while you are chugging a few drinks and not in total control of your faculties. If you feel that you’re being pushed around, just go back to your hotel.

Expect to see some strange sights around The Cross and while it is generally okay to look, do not stare or make derogatory remarks as this could land you in trouble. If you want to stay in the area, Potts Point is probably the safest and most desirable spot. It is situated at the lower end of The Cross and amply removed from the ‘action’. From there you can indulge and enjoy all the richness without becoming too caught up in it.

Sydney Adult Entertainment

The city has a number of licensed brothels that are closely monitored to minimize health risks to the public. The majority of these establishments are professionally operated and equipped with luxurious interior and clearly aimed at affluent clients. Australia is, in fact, one of the first countries in the world to regulate brothel-keeping and prostitution. For those who wish to have a full body experience, Sydney is the epicenter of all the after-dark frivolities you are looking for. There are sex shops, strip clubs, lap dancing, stag nights, hen nights or if you simply want a serene evening in your hotel room, a massage or escort service is just around the corner.

Adult Cinemas

This type of adult venue is no longer as popular as it used to be. In the first place, why do you go out to watch porn when you can do it in the privacy of your bedroom, draped in the cool glow of your laptop or smartphone? However, in Sydney, the Club X Cinema in 711 George Street has withstood the test of time and continues to screen straight adult movies. It also features an adult shop.

Street Prostitution

You can find street hookers in these areas:

  • the Central Business District
  • the Darlinghurst/East Sydney area
  • William Street in East Sydney
  • The area bounded by Bourke, Burton, William and Victoria Streets
  • Liverpool and/or Forbes St,
  • along Hume Highway in Yagoona
  • and in Bankstown, specifically in the intersection of Canterbury and Fairford Road.

Sydney Nightlife

The nightlife scene of Sydney is wide and varying. If you're trekking Australia's biggest city, regardless of whether it is just for a few days or for a longer stay, the odds are you are going to find yourself bracing for a night out in the metropolis.

Oxford Street buzzes with bars, cafes, and clubs while the red-light district spills out from Kings Cross. King Street Wharf and The Rocks are more upscale – the drinks at the harbourside terraces are pricey but certainly worth it for the picturesque views. The CBD’s nightlife canvas is proving that there’s a lot more to it than merely an after-work drinks destination. It now boasts a mix of world-class nightclubs, small Melbourne-like bars, live music venues, and waterfront party playgrounds. Sydney just has everything, covering all the finest bits, from laidback pubs to late-night gigs and party destinations. 

Just like its bars and clubs, Sydney’s cultural life is equally diverse, from classical renditions at the Sydney Opera House to contemporary performance art. It’s truly a world-class megalopolis with a nightlife that’s second to none.

Sydney LGBT

Sydney is a massive, progressive, cosmopolitan city filled with friendly locals. From the most queer-friendly communities to the hottest gay and lesbian venues, it’s just a haven for the LGBT people in general. A number of publications have even referred to Sydney as one of the most gay and lesbian-friendly cities in the world, with recent surveys indicating that majority of Sydneysiders support same-sex marriage.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Evidently, gays are very much welcome in the city, and its annual Mardi Gras festival cemented its status as one of the iconic gay cities of the modern world. The three-week long event draws an estimated 500,000 visitors to the Oxford St precinct. Oxford St is actually the beating heart of Sydney’s gay area as it buzzes with lots of chic cafes, bars, and clubs. Other places where the gay community is most visible include King St. in Newtown and Crown St. in Surry Hills. The venues in these places feature rainbow-colored ‘Safe Place’ stickers on their front windows.

Gay Prostitution in Sydney

Male street prostitutes and rent boys can be found in ‘The Wall” at the corner of Burton Street and Green Park, and down to the rear of the Darlinghurst Court House as well as the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The area has been the city’s most visible gay beat since the 1960s.

Transsexual Prostitutes

The Forbes Street steps, off William Street, are known as transvestite hookers. William St. runs perpendicular to Darlinghurst Road and cuts under its halfway mark. You may also find gorgeous shemale prostitutes in online dating sites. They often have a good variety of trannies to choose from because a lot of international t-girls go to Sydney for short work trips.

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