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Perth City Info

Considered as the capital and the largest city of Western Australia, this city has an estimated population of 2.04 million. This coastal city is bounded by the Darling Scarp (which is a line of cliffs caused by cracking and shifting of the Earth's crust) to its east and the Indian Ocean to its west. The city’s alias “City of Lights” came about when American astronaut John Glenn passed overhead while orbiting the earth aboard the Friendship 7 in 1962 and residents of the city all lit their house lights. This laid-back city is definitely a must-see to those who want to just chill out and relax.

Perth Red Light District

Since single men in Perth have difficulty finding partners and married ones are sometimes too far away from their wives, a lot of men splurge their money on sex workers to satisfy their needs and sexual desires. Despite the city being a little too small for Vegas-like nightclubs, they have their own means of showcasing these beautiful and sexy ladies in their RL, Northbridge.

Also, this city isn’t at all discreet when it comes to advertising these sex workers as they are, in fact, being advertised in local newspapers. And with just $40 and a little help from the back seat of your car, you could already enjoy an hour of sensual pleasure.

You could also opt for the more expensive ones. An old-time favourite, Langtrees, is one of the most expensive establishments. It can be found in Crown Perth, a Las Vegas patterned entertainment hub having a 234-hour casino, international hotels, a nightclub, numerous restaurants, and bars. The rate could be quite pricey as they charge $400 as an hourly rate where half of the payment goes to the brothel and the other half is given directly to the lady. Here, you can experience a different kind of nightlife. There are also menus found on tables that list the prices for kissing, anal, and oral sex.

History of the RLD

The presence of prostitution in the city has been existing even as early as the 1900s. During those days, prostitutes can mostly be seen in brothels and coffee places which are north of the railway line. Northbridge, as the area is called, and the central Perth railway are places where the male workforce can be found. There, prostitutes are highly concentrated.

As the city of Perth slowly became known as the “family town”, they realized that prostitution needed to be minimized and so a local version of the Containment Policy came about in the year 1920. Under this policy, certain brothels are allowed to operate if they are within the designated red light district zone and are advised to close once operating outside.

How to find the RLD

The official red light district in Perth is in Northbridge which is located north of the CBD. It is bounded by William, Roe and Newcastle Streets, and the Mitchell Freeway. Can be accessed by foot from the Perth railway station and Wellington Street bus station, this place is served by a free CAT bus.

Stay safe in the RLD

Perth is generally safe for tourists and locals alike. Although streets become busy on weekends, during the day, it is peaceful and quiet. You definitely need not worry about your safety here.

Perth Adult Entertainment

With Perth’s laidback atmosphere and very homey environment, one couldn’t imagine the presence of adult entertainment, more so the presence of red light districts. Although not as numerous as other Westernized cities, they also have their own share of adult entertainment.

With its relaxed atmosphere, they do not have a large red light district; but they have their very own Northbridge as their local entertainment center and a few brothels, clubs, casinos, adult massage parlours, adult cinemas and the like that would cater to the needs and demands of both male and female visitors and locals.

Their massage parlours are not just there to relax and soothe those sore muscles. But therapists in these parlours are there to satisfy your sexual needs as well.

Adult Cinemas

  • Adult Cinema Fremantle – It is located opposite the Fremantle Railway Station, in Queen St, near the Elder Place end. This place has bisexual men as customers and is up until 10 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.
  • Delta socials – Aside from the three adult movies that run all night in different locations around the club, they also have other facilities such as a spa, sauna and a heated below ground pool. They also have a billiard pool table and a jukebox which are both free to use; and a pole for dancing. They also have three playrooms out the back. Just a friendly reminder to the visitors: one should bring towels and refreshments.
  • Club X – has a mini adult cinema on the ground floor which features old school porn films

Street Prostitution

To get a good picture of the street prostitution in the city, go through the streets of Highgate. In there, you’ll witness ladies in the streets waiting for their customers.

Perth Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

  • The Pleasure Lounge – specially intended for selective adults who want to be treated with erotic pleasures. Features 3 luxury rooms that offers different vibe for couples with different kind of erotic needs.

Perth Nightlife

In Perth, it’s best to go out during Thursdays to Saturdays as this is the time of the week wherein night spots in the city are vibrant and full of life. Both men and women are out to have fun and meet new people. Dance clubs are concentrated in Northbridge, Subiaco, and Fremantle. 

While this city may be homey, it is best to wear something smart as some venues do not permit the wearing of flip-flops, vest-tops or shorts. 

This city also has a lively art and cultural scene. You may contact Ticketmaster (tel: 136 100, in Australia only; www.ticketmaster.com.au) or Ticketek (www.ticketek.com.au) for tickets during shows.

Perth LGBT

This city could be a haven for gays as LGBT people are being given equal treatment in the same as those heterosexuals. They have the Equal Opportunity Act that allows members of the LGBT community to not be discriminated by their sexual preference. Today, same-sex couples are already allowed to adopt children.

General Attitude Towards Gays

It’s good to know that members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community have equal rights as those of heterosexuals. They don’t face much discrimination in this city.

Gay Prostitution in Perth

Since members of the LGBT community have the freedom to express who they are in this city, gay prostitution is also rampant. The city has a couple of gay bars and nightclubs which are located in the inner city suburb of Northbridge:

  • Connections Nightclub - 81 James Street, Perth.

  • Geisha Bar - 135a James Street, Northbridge, Perth.

  • Ambar - Basement, 104 Murray Street, Perth.

Perth also has their only gay male sauna called Perth Steam Works. Still situated in the Northbridge area, this place only allows admittance of customers aging 18 years old and up and may require identification cards for validation.

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