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Buenos Aires City Info

On the western shore of the Río de la Plata estuary on the Southeast coast of the continent lies the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s national capital. It covers a total of 203 square kilometres in land area with over 3,040,000 inhabitants. 

Buenos Aires has a long history of being attacked by foreign invaders. It suffered the consequences of disorganized governing by the Spaniards, resulting to economic meltdowns. But the city rose and thrived, leading to developments economically drawing attention to immigrants. 

Now, Buenos Aires serves as a major gateway to the country, as it embodies a diverse and rich cultural heritage, outshining other European capitals.

Buenos Aires Red Light District

Buenos Aires’ unofficial red light district is in the neighbourhood of Palermo, Zona Roja (informal name) also known as Parque 3 de Febrero, Bosques de Palermo, or Palermo Woods. It is situated in the area surrounding the streets of Avenues Santa Fe , Juan B. Justo and streets Godoy Cruz and Cabrera. The city’s RLD is known for transsexual prostitution that transpires during nighttime.

History of the RLD

The travestis or the transvestite prostitute community in Buenos Aires’ red light district Bosques de Palermo has its share of snags. From the government passing on a bill that prohibits prostitution within 200-meter distance from academic institutions, churches, and residences, leaving them with a few options, to institutions attempting to put a halt to the nightly adult activities going on in the parks by submitting a complaint to the court, the travesties shamelessly continue their nightly undertakings. This group refuses to stop as clients continue to flock into the area and acquire transsexual services.

How to find the RLD

To get to Bosques de Palermo (Parque 3 de Febrero or Palermo Woods), hop on a taxi cab on a Friday or a Saturday night and ask for “paseo por la Zona Roja”. The red light district can be found between Libertador and Figueroa Alcorta Avenues.

Stay safe in the RLD

Buenos Aires is usually secure throughout day and nightfall so you do not have to fear about traveling in the city unaccompanied, although going in groups has its own advantages like encountering new faces who share matching interests as you. When exploring the venues offering adult services, avoid the ones that showcase “free sex” advertisements in their establishments for these are known to be tricky set-ups. You do now want to be caught in these so called traps which aim to steal money from unsuspecting individuals.

Buenos Aires Adult Entertainment

Daytime activities in the suburban of Palermo such as people going into their morning exercises and the like transforms into a completely different kind of business, that is transsexual prostitution during the night. Apart from the proliferating scene of transvestite prostitution mainly in the area of Palermo, there are strip clubs, brothels, swinger clubs, and adult cinemas surrounding the city of Buenos Aires.

Adult Cinemas

  • EQUIX - Hipólito Yrigoyen 945
  • ABC     - Esmeralda 50
  • EDEN   - Santa Fé 1833
  • IDEAL  - Suipacha 378
  • BOX     - Laprida 1423

Street Prostitution

Street prostitution (mostly transvestites) is rampant in the Zona Roja, or the Bosques de Palermo.

Buenos Aires Nightlife

Buenos Aires is notorious for its nightlife scene as evidenced by an influx of tourists coveting the experience of the 24-hour partying in the said city. The Porteños, (as what the people of Buenos Aires are called) live quite differently from the rest of the cities, as it is common for them to eat dinner late at night, usually after watching a theater production on Avenida Corrientes, and go to party houses or bars as late as 11 in the evening. For people who are accustomed to or who want to experience this kind of lifestyle, Buenos Aires is the place to go. 

  • Pacha – comes from the same line of well-celebrated clubs in Ibiza, London, and the city of New York. It has the best technology in sound and lighting, making it a perfect spot to groove that body on the dancefloor.
    Address: corner of Rafael Obligado and La Pampa, Costanera Norte
  • Alsin – located just a few steps away from the Plaza de Mayo. Alsin hosts the biggest electronic events in the city during Fridays and Saturdays.
    Address: Alsina 940, Monserrat 
  • Crobar – home of the best international DJs, attracting a huge number of crowd including the LGBT.
    Address: Libertador 3886, Palermo Parks 
  • Bahrein – A 3-floored nightclub holding different party themes on each level: relax and chill out with drinks at the topmost, dance to the beat of the 80s and 90s music on the mid & party until you drop down to the basement.

Buenos Aires LGBT

This city is among the Latin America’s gay capitals way before the legalisation of same-sex union was approved in Argentina. As such, this place is known to be a prime destination for the LGBT.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Buenos Aires proves to be one of the progressive and liberated cities around the globe for its anti-discrimination acts intended to protect the rights of the LGBT. People in this city are generally very accepting of gay and lesbians.

The gay-friendly city hosts an annual Gay Pride Parade. There are tons of gay-friendly venues found in Buenos Aires. These establishments do not just attract the gay individuals as they also gather a mixed crowd. Gay neighbourhoods can be found in Recoleta, Palermo, and San Telmo.

Gay Prostitution in Buenos Aires

That one place that is well-known to be a prime gay cruising area is one of the Palermo parks called the “Plaza Ecuador”.

Transsexual prostitutes

Recognized as the main spot for the transvestite prostitute community, the Zona Roja (Bosques de Palermo) attracts clients of different ages who wish to avail the services of transsexual prostitutes.

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